Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How to be Cyber smart - Story Board That

On this Comic I was learning about how to be Cyber Smart online. This has help me and I know will help a lot of us to be Cyber Smart when Online.

Write Comics - Maths

In this activity I was teaching Micheal how to Simplify Fractions. He find it quite hard when he was first explained it but then he got the hang of it when I explained it to him.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

E Asttle - Writing Results

This week I had got my score for writing and I was very proud of what I had got. This was my first time ever to get a 4 in my writing and was very excited. When seeing the results I had saw that I had accelerated in writing. 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Scientific Method - Burning Paper

Chemical Reaction - Burning Newspaper
Ask a question
What I want to know? I wonder if burning newspaper is a chemical change or physical change.
Construct a hypothesis( make a guess)
That the paper with  turn into ashes.
Conduct the experiment
First we tried to set the paper on fire with the matches but that was a fail. After that we realized that we need a lighter that's when something started to happen. The paper was starting to burn and the smell was different compared to the matches. Then the whole thing was burning and was turning into ashes. There was a lot of smoke and was making a bigger flames.
Record your observations and data colour change,
That there were a lot of ashes. And there was a colour change of white to greyish.
Analyse information
The results were that when we were trying to burn the paper with the matches it was very slow but when we used the lighter the paper started to burn faster.

Screenshot 2017-11-03 at 11.07.24.png

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Maths - Go negative

Today I was playing a game called Go Negative. The main point of this game was to find what is the value of your name. When I was playing this game, I found it quite challenging and wanted to give up but then when I started to infer I knew what my task was. This game really helped me to use what I already know to find the unknown and that I had to keep trying instead of just giving up straight away.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Reading Activity - Sleep

When reading this little paragraph I learnt that I need at least 10 hours or more. I need this much sleep so that I don't feel tired and  have a negative attitude towards others. I also learned that sleep helps the body to heal when it’s sick or injured. This paragraph helped me to learn a lot about how much sleep I need and how important sleep is.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Vocabulary - Hands up for Henna

Vedel                    Vocabulary                          24.10.17

Own meaning - Over reacting in about something
Dictionary meaning -  Relating to drama
Antonyms - Normal, calm, unimpressive
Synonyms - Tense, powerful, breathtaking
Syllables - 3
Sentence - Mary was also dramatic toward acting.

Own meaning - Having courage
Dictionary meaning - Showing courage and resolve
Antonyms - Afraid, fine, smooth
Synonyms - Dusty, rough, Lumpy
Syllables - 2
Sentence - Sam always has gritty.

Own meaning - When you show strong feeling
Dictionary meaning -  having or showing strong feelings or opinions
Antonyms - Kind, calm, lazy
Synonyms - Acute, bitter, Deep
Syllables - 2
Sentence - It feels really intense in here.

Own meaning - Moving in a certain period of time
Dictionary meaning -  A degree of density and firmness
Antonyms - Inconsistency,
Synonyms -  Texture, Softness, Density
Syllables - 4
Sentence - We have to mix this consistency.

Own meaning - Take care of something
Dictionary meaning -  To take great care of something
Antonyms - Quietly
Synonyms - Seriously, Eagerly, Purposefully
Syllables - 4
Sentence -Mia reads painstakingly in her high pitch voice.