Wednesday, 12 July 2017

DLO on Maria Tutaia

How I relax

This is how I relax. In order for me to relax I write because it needs to be peace and quite.

My Flag

As you can see my flag it has the colours red, green and blue. I chose these colours because it is the colour of New Zealand. I also chose this symbol because it kind of looks like a brunch full of leave. It is the symbol of our Native trees. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Best to worst

The third  video/Rugby world cup 2011- All Blacks vs France for me was the best. It was the best because there facual expression is really great.

The first video/ World cup 2015- All Blacks vs Argentina  was my second favourite because they tried really hard to make the other team scared.

Last but not least the second video/  All Blacks vs South America 2016 was just the worst for me. It was because they didn't have any expression so that is probably the worst kaka ever.

What you can do at Matariki

At Matariki you can do a lot like watch the hapa kaka groups,eat and watch the stars. You can even watch the fireworks.

The first thing you can do at Matariki is watch the hapa kaka groups perform. They perform different performance like sing and dancing.

The second thing to do at Matariki is to watch the fireworks. Watching the fireworks is fun.

The final thing to do at Matariki is to have fun with either friends and family. Matariki is such a fun thing to celebrate.

What I have learned?

From this blogging journey I have learned so much about New Zealand like Otago Central Rail Trail. I didn't even know about that place.

I have learned about what to do at Matariki like you can see fireworks you can see how Matariki began and more.

I also learned where the biggest Kauri tree is and what other fun activities you can do.

In this blogging journey I have learned so much about New Zealand that I didn't even know about. This blogging journey really helped me.

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams is known for being a New Zealand Shot Putter. Valerie is born and raised in Rotorau. Valerie Adams has 17 siblings . Out of those 17 her and her and her 3 brothers are famous.

Valerie Adams has 19 medals altogether.  Out of 19 medals 3 are from the Olympics.

Valerie is recently pregnant with her first child. She is still training while her pregnancy.

Overall, Valerie Adams is a great shot putter. We are so happy for her.