Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Matific - Monster Shop

Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 09.55.12.png

Today for maths I played an educational game called Matific. On Matific there are a lot of activities to complete. I decided to play Monster shop. The main point of this game is to hand the vegetables or fruit to the monster. Then after that they would ask how much is it.  The most hard thing about this game is that the numbers are in Roman, which is a bit easy because there is a little hint of how much it is. Playing Matific is really helping me because I sometimes forget what the answer is, but when I look to see if there are any hints than it gets easier.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

How a camera works?

Making Meaning

  1. What are three places in which you might find a camera?
  1. Supermarkets, Stadiums and Banks
2.  Which word on page 3 tells the reader that the colour red, blue and green are mixed to make           millions of other colours?   
A.Combined because it means the same as mixed.

3. If a camera did not have lens, what might the photographs look like?
A. They would look blurry.  

4.Why are cameras not considered to be specialised equipment anymore?
A.Because of digital technology.

5. How do the instructions on making a pinhole camera help with understanding how a camera works?
A.Because the camera is very simple to how a normal camera looks so by making this camera they would know how a camera is very similar.

6.Which part of a camera performs the same basics functions as the retina in the human eye?
A.The sensor

7.Do you use a camera? If so, what do you mainly use it for? Yes I do use a camera nearly everyday. I use it for social media and taking photo’s/ selfies.  

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Grammar - Conjunction Game

Reading Conjunction #1.JPG

In this activity I played a educational game called Conjunction Games for Kids. The many point for this game was to find a conjunction word that would best fit the sentences. I found this game a bit hard because I thought that all the words fit the sentence but they want the one that best suits it. This game helped me to use what I know to find the unknown.

Monday, 11 September 2017


Screenshot 2017-09-12 at 9.45.50 AM.png
For my test number 2 I went onto IXL - Year 7 maths. On this website there are a lot to choose from and out of all of them I decided to do mixed operation Add,Subtract, Multiply or Divide two whole numbers. Some of these question I found easy because where mostly adding. Overall I still enjoyed played on this website because it helped me to know that not all questions are easy or hard and that if you put your mind to focus than it will become easy.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Word Map

This week for reading I created a Word map. This word map helped me to understand the word astonish. In the word map I put down "Meaning, sentence, Root, Synonym and Antonym. "

Reading activity

Reading activity - Underground explorers

A- Did I understand
  1. Where is Mt Owen? - Kahurangi National Park
  2. What were they hoping to prove? - That this underground connection beyond doubt
  3. What has the cupful of water got to do with the article? - They wanted to try the water dye to see if it would appear in the blue creek
  4. What is the cover code? - The code is to only take photos and leave only footprints
  5. What do people expect caves to be? That it would be  pitch black
B- True or False
Are the questions/ statements True/ False or both?
  1. LED lights don’t work underground? - Yes they can work underground
  2. Crystal pools make the surface hard to see? - Yes because the water is clear and makes it hard to actually the surface
C- It’s the scene
Write down as many as you can which describes the scene/context or part of that the text is set in?

Bit dark, light, clear water, rocky, lumpy, white rocks, black rocks, steep, large, little space, cliffs, bumpy, holes, moon milk, cold, plants, journey, water, footprints, dusty, open space

Monday, 28 August 2017

New Tech Class - Graphics

This week we have changed classes for tech and we are now in graphics. For our first day we created a drawing about what you do or need in graphics. This is what I created.